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Damascus longevity

I’ve heard many rumors about Damascus steel rusting or fading easily.  These two blades have come back to me for sharpening after two years of daily use.  As you can see, my blades are nearly as good as when they left two years ago.  If you look closely you will see some discoloration (normal) and is caused by acids in the onions, tomatoes and etc.  Beware of inferior imitations (especially Pakistani made knives) that will rust and fall apart.  If you see a Damascus knife for $100, it is not quality.  It will be made from unknown junk steel and will fall apart.  In most cases, the steel is not properly welded together into a homogeneous state and allows water and salt to penetrate the layers of steel.  The steel isn’t even hard!  I forge high quality, known steel from American and European steel mills.  So in conclusion, if you want a Damascus knife and expect it to last a lifetime and pass it on to the next generation, except no substitute and purchase from Hix Hacks Custom Blades.  Stay sharp out there. ⚔️

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